Mathieson Architects


Location: Manly, Sydney
Year: 2014

This apartment was refurbished as a Sydney base for an Australian expatriate couple. Located within a 1970’s residential tower, the apartment enjoys significant views to Sydney’s Manly beach to the north, and Shelley Beach and the ocean to the east.

The interior has been completely remodelled, removing existing partition walls to create a sequence of open plan spaces. Bathrooms, a laundry and kitchen are clustered toward the building’s core, creating an uninterrupted perimeter that maximises light and views and a sense of openness. Stone clad blade walls define the living, dining and bedroom spaces whilst engulfing existing structural columns.

An impression of calm is created with a limited material palette of limestone, linen and grey oak veneer.

This project was designed in association with Harlan Redgen whilst at Mathieson Architects

Photography by Romello Pereira

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