Mathieson Architects

Hotel Realm

Location: Canberra, ACT
Year: 2015

Hotel Realm is a 5-star hotel located in Barton, Canberra, adjacent to the Parliamentary Triangle. The 158-room hotel opened in 2007. In 2013 the hotel began a refurbishment programme including the hotel meeting rooms, and the National Ballroom lobby areas, which has now incorporated an update to standard hotel rooms as well as Executive Suites.

The hotel’s meeting rooms were replanned to provide four individual boardrooms opening to a dedicated lobby area. Black glass panels with concealed perimeter lighting ‘bookend’ the boardrooms and provide a background to television screens or function as ‘whiteboards’. A deep charcoal coloured palette of wall panels, carpet and tiles, is punctuated by highly contrasting white boardroom tables and chairs.

The National Ballroom lobby areas are located on level one overlooking the hotel atrium and hotel lobby. A wall of woven brass wire mesh panels, with concealed acoustic fabric, enlivens the lobby space. Dark stained timber panelled doors with brass inlaid handles lead to the Ballroom foyers and the Ballroom beyond. A graphic charcoal carpet anchors the Lobby space and provides continuity with the existing grey limestone column and atrium cladding.

The refurbished and expanded Executive Suites of the hotel allow guests a choice of two distinct experiences.

The first suite has been reconfigured to create a large open plan space. Three areas of sleeping/dressing and bathing are connected to create an open spatial sequence, allowing light into the deepest part of the suite and also ensuring views from each space. Pivoting oak battened doors provide a high level of detail and the ability to close off each space.

Soft lighting, as well as customised furniture in a subtle blend of timber, natural limestone and leather creates an atmosphere of refined luxury. Dark steel accents provide contrast to the primarily neutral backdrop.

The second suite features a richer palette with an emphasis on contrast. The ambience created is one of textures, silks, leather and wool. The bathroom incorporates warm timbers and brown stone to create a dark and luxurious mood.

This project was designed in association with Harlan Redgen whilst at Mathieson Architects

Photography by Romello Pereira

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Hotel Realm