Mathieson Architects

Bondi Beach

Location: Bondi Beach
Year: 2018

A strong sense of scale, form, and materiality are employed to establish a sense of timeless simplicity within the interior of this apartment situated in Bondi Beach.


Highly resolved planning accommodates the client brief for a summer holiday retreat, choreographing social and visual experiences throughout. A substantial central living space forms the heart of the apartment, while a single timber clad volume conceals a study, laundry and scullery. The open kitchen, designed as an element of furniture, seamlessly extends to the external terrace and is finished in solid timber and stainless steel, with a monolithic black granite island. A cluster of three bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom and dressing room feature full height apertures, opening to unobstructed ocean views and the surrounding vibrant neighbourhood.


A palpable sense of stillness is created by the soft envelope of white walls, terrazzo floor, and generosity of light. Custom furniture pieces crafted from natural materials including brushed Tasmanian blackwood, woven abaca, and linen add layers of warmth and sophistication.

This project was designed in association with Harlan Redgen whilst at Mathieson Architects

Photography by Romello Pereira

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Bondi Beach